Hair Coloring Services

Experience our talented staff & a variety of hair color products and techniques for long lasting, beautiful results.

  • Root Color  $57 and up
  • Shorter Length Color  $50 and up
  • Above Shoulder color  $60 and up
  • Below Shoulder Color  $75 and up
  • Color Balancing/Toning  $25 and up
  • Glaze  $40 and up
  • Short hair foils  $57 and up
  • Medium Hair Foils  $77 and up
  • Long Hair Foils  $97 and up
  • Additional Colors  $10 and up
  • Balayage and hair painting  $100 and up
  • Color Additives $10 and up

*Color services are based on numerous factors such as length and thickness*

Custom Color Services

We are able to provide a wide variety of color techniques, such as balayage, ombre, and more!  If you have a unique look in mind, just call for a consultation and we will help you fulfill your vision.

Corrective Color    $50 per hour

Consultation is necessary. It is not always easy to say how many services or how long the correction can take. It is also difficult to say if you can be corrected in one visit, but we will try to give you a good idea of what you can reasonably expect.